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Read about our industry announcements and updates as well as informational topics regrading third-party parenting, becoming an egg donor, using an egg donor and everything in-between. Whether you are just starting your family building journey, learning how to grow your family, or just curious, we’ll walk you through every step—a little knowledge can go a long way—which is why we are sharing what we, and industry experts know, to help you reach your family goals. We’ll walk you through some of the basic IVF and third-party parenting terminology, and give you some valuable tips along the way to help you on your journey.

Intended Parents

What is a fertility doctor?

What Is a Fertility Doctor or Fertility Specialist? A fertility doctor is a reproductive endocrinologist — a physician who practices a subspecialty of obstetrics and gynecology called reproductive endocrinology and infertility [...]

Why EDI and HRC Fertility?

We are one of the most highly respected and experienced egg donation agencies in Southern [...]

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Where can I find an Egg Donor near me?

If you’re looking to use an egg donor, there are several options available: Egg Donor [...]

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What is reciprocal IVF?

In reciprocal IVF, the eggs are removed from one parent’s ovaries, fertilized or inseminated outside [...]

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Intended Parents

Who Needs an Egg Donor?

As you age, female fertility declines. Around the ages of 33 to 35 years old, your [...]

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How far will you take your marriage to have a baby?

Storyline: Ami and Vic’s marriage is tested when they undergo In-Vitro Fertilization (IVF) to have [...]

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What is ICSI?

In the ICSI process, a tiny needle, called a micropipette, is used to inject a [...]

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Embryo Transfers – What You Need to Know

One of the essential parts of the in vitro fertilization process is transferring the fertilized [...]

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