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Egg Donation, Inc.

Industry Leadership

Egg Donation, Inc. was founded over 25 years ago and is the oldest known egg donation agency in the world. With the leading database of elite donors and a reputation among the medical community as a highly efficient and ethical provider, EDI and our leadership team are on a constant lookout for new trends, technology and providers who serve the needs of donors and recipients alike.

We Know the Global Environment for Egg Donation and IVF

Globally, regulations vary by country. In some countries, egg donation is strictly forbidden or donors cannot be compensated. In others, the practice is more acceptable. Our donors and recipients seek EDI out because of our expertise across the world.

Limited Regulation Breeds Questionable Providers

In the United States, egg donation is legal but not strictly regulated. As a result, there is a wide variation in quality and protocols among providers. We understand that donors and families are often motivated to receive service for the lowest cost possible, regardless of the warning signs of questionable agencies.

Our role at EDI is to help you navigate your options and thoroughly understand your options. Learn more about Egg Donation, Inc. today.

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