What You Should Know About Out of State Egg Donation

Out of State Egg Donation

Having to undergo fertility treatments when trying to have a baby is overwhelming enough and searching for an egg donor, while traveling out of state for services, shouldn’t be one of them. At EDI we understand just what you are going through and strive to make finding a donor as easy as possible; especially for clients who need to travel for their fertility treatments.

We have been working with clients remotely for well over two-decades. Whether communicating over the phone, email, Skype or WeChat, our Intended Parents do not have to come to Southern California to meet with us. Our robust online database of egg donors is accessible 24/7.

At EDI, we work to accommodate your needs and keep the matching as simple and effortless as possible. Once you have found your perfect donor, we work with your fertility clinic and manage the entire treatment cycle from beginning to the end of the retrieval. Your donor can fly private with Jettly to your fertility clinic during key points of their treatment. The rest of your donor’s journey can be done by a monitoring clinic closest to them.

We love meeting our clients in person, so before you pack up for sunny So Cal, here is a list of things you should know about fertility treatments and picking an egg donor through EDI:

  1. Your meeting can be done from home.Your consultation with our match coordinator can be done over the phone or Skype. If you prefer anonymity; we can also match you with your egg donor all via email
  2. You can start treatment at your local physician’s office. After speaking with you about where your fertility clinic is located, you can begin some of the basic fertility tests close to your home. The same holds true for your donor. She does not have to travel to your fertility clinic right away.
  3. All of the necessary testing can be done near your donor. If your fertility clinic is not close to the donor, we will work with your clinic to obtain the needed tests
  4. Medications can be picked up at your local pharmacy or shipped in the mail. We work with many out-of-town clients and have coordinated their initial testing and cycle monitoring with their local clinics with great success. Most medications can be purchased from your local pharmacy or shipped if they are not locally available
  5. Using frozen eggs instead of a conventional fresh cycle? Using CryoStork by CryoPort, we can ship your frozen eggs anywhere in the world! They have become our trusted courier for our Intended Parents and clinic partners.

From consultation to retrieval, Egg Donation, Inc. is dedicated to helping Intended Parents navigate the uncertainty of infertility instead of stressing about appointments, chain of custody concerns, matching, or inexperienced fertility professionals. Whether you are traveling from out-of-state or cycling local, we will work where you are.

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As the largest and oldest egg donation program in Southern California, we have worked with only the best and most seasoned IVF Clinics as well as belonging to the industry’s top organizations. Having helped more than 15,000 families in our 30+ years in business, assisting our donors and recipients through every step of the process, and supporting your family dreams, are just some of the free services we offer. Contact us today to learn more!