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At Egg Donation, Inc., we want to help you live life on your own terms. In our Egg Donor Resources videos, we have expert guidance, timely resources, and industry expectations from our community who have been in your shoes.

We are more than just matching Intended Parents with egg donors. We are about supporting your decision and encouraging you so that you feel comfortable and educated when making this very personal choice; you will want to feel confident that you are working with a reputable agency.

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Starting with our inaugural case in 1989, we have been the leader in the field of egg donation.


Partnering with Quest Diagnostics we offer all of our Intended Parents the opportunity to have their egg donor’s AMH levels tested prior to commitment.

Egg Donor Myths

Tune in to view the top 3 myths of Egg Donation.

The Egg Donor Process

Learn more about the process to become an egg donor at EDI.

Tips for a great egg donor profile

We all know that first impressions count, and this is no different when applying to become an egg donor. As most of our cases are 100% anonymous, your donor profile is the only thing intended parents have to rely on to determine if they would like you to be their donor.

Rest for 2 months

There is usually a waiting period of at least two regular menstrual cycles between egg donations.

Fresh Cycle Process

Dr. David Tourgeman of HRC Fertility discusses the egg donation process for a fresh cycle.

Benefits of Purchasing and Using Frozen Eggs

Dr. David Tourgeman of HRC Fertility discusses the numerous benefits of purchasing and using frozen eggs for your cycle.

What is a trigger shot

Dr. David Tourgeman of HRC Fertility explains what a trigger shot is and how you can avoid OHSS during your cycle.