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How much does egg donation cost?


Our Commitment to you

At Egg Donation, Inc., our goal is for you to achieve your family dreams. We often ask, how do we earn our clients trust while we walk with them on their journey to find a donor? We listen carefully to our clients, constantly observe what can be improved, or implement innovative programs that support their needs. Our clients trust Egg Donation, Inc and its founding principles from the beginning. And that has not changed throughout the decades we have been in business. In our support of you, we have implemented a Refund Guarantee Program that reflects our partnership and commitment to you.


Egg Donation Cost and Associated Fees

There are different costs associated with the program you choose and one distinct difference is that we offer a Refund Guarantee Program that reflects our commitment to you.


$7,500.00 Agency Fee for a first-time donor.*

$9,000.00 Agency Fee for a previous donor.*

If pregnancy is not achieved we will provide you with a second donor cycle at no additional agency fee charge: If you have used all of your normal embryos and have not achieved a successful pregnancy within one (1) year of the initial egg retrieval procedure, we will waive our agency fee for one (1) additional cycle.

Refund Guarantee: If for any reason, the egg donation cycle is canceled before the egg donor has started medication, the entire agency fee and egg donor compensation fee may be applied to a new egg donor cycle through our agency. If you do not desire a replacement donor, we will refund 75% of the agency fee and 100% of the egg donor compensation fee.



We have two frozen egg bank programs—Transport and Affiliate—and both program have three different tier levels. The starting cost for the standard package of six (6) mature eggs are:

Standard packages for six mature eggs with our Transport Program start at $15,9000*

Standard packages for six mature eggs with our Affiliate Program start at $18,900*

* Cost does not include egg donor compensation (for fresh cycles) or any outside services. Please see our Estimated Cost Sheet that one of our case managers or matching coordinators can send to you. It will detail the approximate costs for the donor, as well as explain the estimated costs to you. Any questions regarding costs related to the retrieval, itself, stimulation medications for the donor, and your own medical expenses, should be directed to your cycling facility


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