How it Works

Using egg Donors and The Recipient process

We understand that this process can be stressful, and we appreciate you considering Egg Donation, Inc. in your search for the donor that best fits your needs. We strive to make the entire process run smoothly so that you are free to focus on the joy that pregnancy will bring.

With more than 30 years of experience and over 400 of the most exceptional and diverse donors available anywhere, Egg Donation, Inc. is the oldest and largest program in the world. We offer a sophisticated, compassionate, and comprehensive program which includes: matching, screening, and coordination of all psychological, legal, medical and financial services. We take pride in locating and securing qualified egg donors with intelligence, desirable characteristics, diverse backgrounds, and previous experience with egg donation. Our egg donors must meet strict requirements to ensure they have all the qualities desired by prospective parents.

We believe in assisting our future parents and egg donors through every step of the process by matching prospective parents with an egg donor that best fits their needs and profile to help begin their family. Our couples select their own fertility specialists with the confidence of knowing that Egg Donation, Inc. will coordinate all the logistical details. We will guide you from the beginning of the matching process and see you through to the egg retrieval. Our approach is simple: we bring together all of the necessary professionals and coordinate their services.

We are committed to providing you with the best possible service and to that end we meet the highest standards set by the American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM) as well as FDA guidelines.





Egg Donation, Inc. is host one of the most successful donor egg programs in the United States and the world. Our success rates are due to our commitment to you and our program being at the forefront of advances in egg donation technology.

We provide a strong network of fertility specialists to help your dreams come true. To do this we focus on three distinct programs: Fresh Cycle Donations, Shared and Split Cycles, and Frozen Egg Donations. It starts with our core belief of assisting future parents and egg donors through every step of the process. Collaborating with highly acclaimed fertility doctors, reproductive endocrinologists, surrogate agencies, and ART organizations, we provide a customized client-first approach including 1:1 sessions with complimentary consultations so that you can build your future family.

Fresh Donor Eggs

Let our matching expertise help you identify the egg donor who meets your needs. By matching you with one donor, you get a wider range of egg donor and cycle program choices. Traditional egg donor cycles allow you the flexibility to receive all the eggs retrieved from a cycle of egg donation. This program is a wonderful choice for parents hoping for more than one child or who wish to perform genetic screening on the embryos.

Frozen Donor Eggs

Using frozen eggs is an excellent option for many parents. By using frozen egg donation, you can get started right away without having to wait for donors to become available, as there is no cycling donor that you need to synchronize to. It provides an excellent probability for pregnancy at an affordable price.

Using state-of-the-art egg freezing technology, our frozen donor eggs are ready when you are. We choose only the best donors with outstanding fertility and desirable qualifications.

Shared donor eggs

Shared cycles work the same way as traditional egg donation cycles however, two sets of intended parents split or share the eggs provided by the donor. They may choose to share fresh eggs with another intended parent or they may use frozen eggs from our world class egg bank that were frozen as part of a previous shared cycle. Both options offer significant cost savings without compromising success rates.

Egg Donation Recipient Stories

‘”We are so, so grateful for everything you did to bring us and the donor “together” to create this wonderful bundle!”

~ Steph, Intended Parent

Where do I even start with all of the praises I have for this wonderful agency?When I decided to join them in their quest to help create families, never did I imagine that I would hold such a big place for them in my heart.Thank you, EDI, for making the whole process such a blessing in my life!

– Laura, Egg Donor