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Starting with our inaugural case in 1989, we have been the leader in the field of egg donation and are proud of having a very high standard for donor screening. Dedicated to guiding both intended parents and egg donors with compassion and professionalism we value your trust in us, and to that end, we meet and exceed the highest standards established by the American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM).

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Egg Donation, Inc. is host one of the most successful donor egg programs in the United States and the world. Our success rates are due to our commitment to you and our program being at the forefront of advances in egg donation technology. Meet the team that makes your dreams come true!

Cheryl Lister

Director | Business Development

Cheryl came to this field as a past intended parent who has two daughters via the gift of eggs from a donor in 2008.
With a background in counseling and business, Cheryl brings her talents to her role as Director of Business Development, refining our program and assisting intended parents with their search for a donor who resonates with their dreams.

Kiara Carrillo

Program Manager

Kiara has a rich background in family building, having worked in all areas of egg donation; including gestational surrogacy. She leads the charge in cultivating relationships and managing our programs

Valentina Salinas

Case Manager

Valentina has extensive and varied experience advocating for families and single parents. She is our Senior Case Manager and coordinates all activities related to a successful treatment plan

Andrew Vorzimer

Chief Legal Advisor

Andrew W. Vorzimer is responsible for the legal guidance of Egg Donation, Inc. and serves as liaison between clients, counselors, medical and legal professionals.