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Egg Donation, Inc. is host one of the most successful donor egg programs in the United States and the world. Our success rates are due to our commitment to you and our program being at the forefront of advances in egg donation technology.We focus on three distinct programs: Fresh Cycle Donations, Shared and Split Cycles, and Frozen Egg Donations.


Using state-of-the art egg freezing technology, our frozen donor eggs are ready when you are. Choosing a donor from our egg bank is simple, fast, and can be done on your schedule. There is no synchronization to coordinate and pregnancy probabilities are excellent. We ship our frozen eggs internationally and throughout the United States.

We choose only the best, prior donors, with outstanding fertility and desirable qualifications.

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Two sets of recipients share donor provided eggs. Shared cycles allow future parents to choose a donor and split or share fresh eggs, or use eggs from our egg bank that were frozen from a previous cycle. This is an excellent option when you want a traditional cycle but with the freedom of affordability.

Both options offer significant cost savings without compromising success rates.

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Let our experienced match coordinators help you identify the perfect egg donor who meets your needs for a synchronous fresh egg cycle. When you are looking for more than one child, family balancing, or would like a wider range of options, this program is ideal for you.

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