Affordable Options


In these uncertain times, you don’t have to put your family dreams on hold—EDI is here to help you—not only with support and compassion but financially as well. That’s why we want to offer Intended Parents, an opportunity to take advantage of our agency discount programs. EDI egg donation discount is your answer to a more affordable option for finding your perfect egg donor.

With a team of understanding and knowledgeable experts, EDI is committed to providing you with step-by-step guidance, whether you live in Southern California, throughout the United States or abroad. The staff of EDI understands that trying to get pregnant can be emotionally, physically, and financially stressful. This is why we offer agency discounts to help ease the financial burden. Many times our egg donors will also lower their compensation rate.

Anyone of our match coordinators can help you learn about the costs involved with egg donation, whether your insurance will cover them, and additional discounts we may offer. We’ve designed our promotional offers to provide you with personalized service at an affordable price. From agency discounts to lower compensation rates, our options will support you and your growing family needs. Explore options below or contact one of our knowledgable match coordinators to learn more.

Military Discount

EDI is also proud to offer U.S. Veterans and those in active duty a discount on our agency fees. This includes Reservists, National Guard, and retired military personnel and their spouses. To qualify, the Intended Parent needs to show identification as proof of their involvement with the U.S. Armed Forces.

Insurance Benefits

We will work with you and the guidelines of your insurance policy to see if they cover fresh donor cycles or frozen egg purchases. One of the most important steps an Intended Parent should do, is to obtain a copy of your actual insurance policy. Many benefit plans exclude certain services (e.g., agency and legal fees, medications, donor screening and testing, and oocyte retrievals) even when benefits are available for infertility treatment. 


Infertility can be just one of the unfortunate consequences chemotherapeutic and radiation therapies. Having your dream baby should not be one.EDI is your place where expert and compassionate care is our highest priority—we are a family of professionals dedicated to building your dream family.