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Thank you for your interest in our elite database of egg donors! Through our careful selection of prescreened, intelligent, healthy, beautiful, and age appropriate egg donors from around the United States, we have helped more than 15,000 recipients become parents. 

Established in Southern California in 1989, Egg Donation, Inc has remained dedicated in making your dreams come true! Our impressive success rates are due to our commitment to find the perfect egg donor you are looking for. We invite you to register to view the world’s largest database of diverse and inclusive egg donor profiles. Access is free—just register using the “Create Your Confidential Login” button below.

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We have more than three hundred of the most exceptional and diverse egg donors available anywhere whose profiles you can review at no charge. Donors chosen are often prior donors with a history of at least one successful cycle with a high number of eggs retrieved. If egg donors have previously cycled, their screening is the same as traditional cycles—they have all gone through through psychiatric, genetic and medical screening, and legal representation required by the FDA and the American Society of Reproductive Medicine. 


Finding a donor is a very personal experience and we respect the journey that you are on, and to that end, you can search our database on your timeline, in the privacy of your own home, or reach out to one of our skilled matching specialists.  

Our secured, private database is available to you 24/7 and is beautifully designed taking the intimidation of technology. Whether you are are new to the world of egg donation or not that computer savvy, our database of egg donors is very minimalist, that is straight to the point.

After you create your profile, you can log back and bookmark your favorite donors, leave inquiry messages, reserve frozen eggs, and sign up to receive alerts. The rest is left up to EDI’s match specialists to help you find your perfect donor.

The EDI Sign-up Process for Intended Parents

To sign up to view our egg donors usually takes about 5 min. from start to finish. With us, you don’t need to complete the process of your profile before you can start browsing for potential egg donor matches. We require a valid email and phone number, your first and last name, and you set your own password.

You can join our program absolutely for free! View donors at your leisure or have one of our match specialists help you search

One of the first things an Intended Parent wants to see on our site is the donors we have. We make access to viewing our donors seamless. Your account does not need to be approved beforehand to gain access. Our sign-up process is immediate.

Who is our program meant for?

Everyone! Our program caters to single men and women, couples in a committed relationship or marriage, the LGBTQ+ community, and anyone else looking to build their family. We believe everyone has the right to have children and our entire staff is dedicated to helping your dreams come true.


Egg Donation, Inc Egg Donor Fees and Costs

There are different costs associated with the program you choose and one distinct difference in our Conventional or Fresh Egg Donor cycle is that we offer a Refund Guarantee Program that reflects our commitment to you.

In our Frozen Egg Bank Program, we have two frozen egg bank programs—Transport and Affiliate—and both programs have three different tier levels.

For complete details on all of our costs, please view our Egg Donor Fees and Costs page.

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