Where can I find an Egg Donor near me?

Where can I find an Egg Donor near me?

If you’re considering using an egg donor to achieve pregnancy, there are several options available:

  1. Egg Donor Agencies: These organizations maintain databases of pre-screened donors and can help match you with suitable candidates. They provide a wide selection of highly-vetted donors whose eggs are ready for immediate use. The process is confidential, and you can choose an egg from an anonymous donor. 

    At EDI, we are one of the most highly respected and experienced egg donation agencies in Southern California. We are full-service egg donor agency specializing in matching egg donors with intended parents as well as assisting in every step of the egg donation process
  2. Fertility Clinics: Many fertility clinics have their own egg donor programs or can refer you to reputable agencies. Using a fertility clinic allows you to select an egg from an anonymous donor, and the choice can remain confidential. The clinic will guide you through the process, including screening, and matching with a suitable donor.

    The best agencies are up-to-date on state and federal regulations and maintain strong relationships with IVF doctors, fertility clinics, fertility & family lawyers, and surrogacy agencies. For over 30 years, EDI has been physician’s choice for finding your egg donor.
  3. Online Donor Databases: With the leading database of donors our online platform offers comprehensive information about the egg donation process, donor compensation, and requirements. Explore our donor database and find potential matches on your own time, 24/7. Our network of egg donors provide you with a variety of options and choices to meet your specific criteria and our experienced staff will coordinate everything for you.
  4. Local Resources: Reach out to local fertility centers or reproductive health clinics. They may have information on available egg donors or can guide you to reputable agencies.
  5. Fertility & Family Lawyers: Third party reproduction is a true specialty. Also referred to as family building, it includes surrogacy, egg and embryo donation, and requires intimate knowledge of applicable local laws, industry guidelines, insurance, immigration, probate and family law.

Remember that choosing an egg donor is a personal and significant decision. Take your time, explore your options, and consider working closely with professionals who can support you throughout this journey. Our role at EDI is to help you navigate your options and thoroughly understand your options. We focus on you finding your ideal donor.

When you take time to make sure you are working with the right egg donation agency, it can make a huge difference in the quality of your experience. Visit our frequently asked questions, concerns, and answers page to see what many of our parents have asked throughout the years.

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