First Time Egg Donor or Prior Egg Donor?

First Time Donor or Prior Donor?

When you’re considering egg donation as a fertility solution, there are many choices to make. One of these is whether to choose a first-time donor or a donor with a history of successful donation. The simple answer is that one is not necessarily better than the other. Success rates are approximately the same between the two. Some people recommend repeat donors, but in fact, a good case can be made for choosing either.

The main reason that many parents are advised to choose repeat donors is that you know these donors responded well to the process and produced viable eggs. You also know that a woman who has donated before was able to complete the protocol and made it all the way to retrieval – and this is reassuring information to have before beginning a cycle. Your doctor may recommend a repeat donor, and keep in mind that their reasons are scientific and not based on emotion or finances. It’s true that a prior donor can be a perfect choice – if you find one you like who is available when you are, and is willing to travel as necessary.

That said, there are also many reasons to choose a first-time donor. Repeat donors tend to be in high demand, meaning that a first-timer may be more likely to be available at the right time. First-time donors also tend to have lower fees, because they have no history of successful cycles. Also, because they have never experienced the process before, a first-time donor might be more likely to listen carefully to her doctor and follow instructions to the letter.

With a first-time donor, you also don’t have to worry about waiting for her to finish her current cycle and then changing her mind about participating in another. Also remember that every donor was, at one time, a first-time donor. All repeat donors went through their first cycle successfully, meaning that hopeful parents use first-time donors regularly to achieve pregnancy.


The bottom line is that you shouldn’t base your choice of the egg donor solely on whether she has donated before or not. It’s hard enough to find the candidate who suits your needs without worrying about her donation history (or lack thereof). Eliminating a whole group of candidates just because they haven’t donated before can lead to unnecessary complications – so pick the donor that’s right for you and your family.

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