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Welcome to Egg Donation, Inc. We have been providing the infertility community with Indian and East Indian egg donation services for over 25 years, giving us more experience than any egg donation agency in the world. At no charge, you can review the profiles of our 1,000+ exceptional and diverse USA egg donors. Our program includes matching and screening as well as coordination of all medical, psychological, legal, financial, and travel services.

Process For Indian Egg Donors

At Egg Donation, Inc., we offer comprehensive, compassionate, and sophisticated egg donation services from our offices located in the United States. Our matching, screening, and coordinating services are available to both egg donors and hopeful recipients. In our 25 years in the industry, we have helped over 14,000 families, including single parents, same-sex partners, and celebrities, achieve their dream of becoming parents. Our searchable online database of potential donors offers complete confidentiality for recipients. Contact us today if you are interested in beginning the process of finding an egg donor or if you have any questions for us.


We Facilitate the egg donation process; you choose your fertility specialist

Egg Donation, Inc. helps you find the right egg donor who matches your desired criteria. Finding a donor is a very personal experience and we work hard to find your perfect match to help create your family. Our search includes our own world-renowned database of egg donors. Our impressive success rates are due to our commitment to find the perfect egg donor you are looking for.


Indian egg donor database and profiles

After you set up your free account, you’ll gain access to our entire Indian egg donor database. When you log in to our fully automated, state-of-the-art searchable database, you’ll discover hundreds of potential egg donors from across the United States and have immediate access to their complete profiles. Our donors complete their own donor profiles, and are not edited by us before posting. We make it easy to search by criteria, save your results, and bookmark your favorites to compare as you think over your decision. We recommend entering all specific criteria for your initial search and then broadening your subsequent searches. It’s possible there’s a donor who’s perfect for you but who didn’t check off one of the boxes you did.


Personalized Indian donor eggs services available

Our automated system makes it fast and easy to get started finding your perfect egg donor match. However, we also understand that nothing can replace personal attention, and that’s what we give all our recipients and donors. When you contact us or register as a recipient, one of our matching specialists will be happy to help you with your search. We can also make donor recommendations based on your criteria and answer any questions you might have. We can’t wait to assist you in your journey to become a parent.