How to Donate Eggs
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Egg Donation Process

Step 5: Egg Donor Process

Egg Retrieval

When the eggs are mature, you will return to the cycling doctor for the egg retrieval, which is usually scheduled early in the morning. The egg retrieval procedure takes about 20-30 minutes and requires about one to two hours of postoperative recovery. The egg retrieval is performed vaginally, and the eggs are aspirated with an ultrasound guided needle. During the procedure, you will be under light sedation. You will need to have a companion drive you to and from the procedure, and we recommend that you clear your schedule so you may rest for the remainder of the day. It is very common to experience some cramping and spotting following the process.

Please be aware of increased fertility for several days prior to the egg retrieval and for several days after the egg retrieval. You should avoid sexual relations when you begin medications and seven days and for two weeks after the retrieval (until you begin your next period).

If you are traveling for the egg retrieval, expect to be near the cycling facility for approximately 7-10 days. This amount of time will vary depending on the recommendation of the doctor. You will be allowed to travel with a companion for the retrieval trip, and their travel expenses are covered as well.

On the day of your retrieval, your personal case manager will communicate with the doctor’s office. Once she confirms that the retrieval has occurred, your compensation for your participation in the egg donor cycle will be mailed out to you immediately.

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