How Many Babies are Born Through IVF?

How Many Babies are Born Through IVF?

IVF-assisted pregnancies constitute 2.5% of all births in 2022.

The Society for Assisted Reproductive Technology, the association of  America’s fertility clinics dedicated to the practice of assisted reproductive technologies (ART), has released its latest national and clinic-specific ART data.

In 2022, the number of babies born from IVF increased from 89,208 in 2021 to 91,771 in 2022. This increase means that 2.5% of all births in the US are a result of successful ART cycles. The increased number of cycles performed reflects a steady increase in demand for fertility services, even in the face of hostile legislation and threats of political interference. The total number of IVF cycles performed at the  368 SART member clinics increased by over 6% from 2021, going from  368,502 in 2021 to 389,993 in 2022.

The preliminary national data for 2022 showed an increase not just in the number of ART cycles designed to lead to a baby now, but also in the number of egg-freezing cycles. Egg freezing cycles increased to 29,803,  up from 24,560 in 2021.

Increasing numbers of patients across all age groups continue to choose elective single embryo transfer  (eSET), which decreases the risk of multiple births. The overall multiple birth rate decreased from 5% in 2021 to 4% in 2022. SART member  clinics transferred a single embryo to patients in 73.9% of all cycles  in 2022 compared to 70.7% in 2021. In fact, almost 96% of ART babies born in 2022 were singletons, compared to only 80% in 2015.

“Despite the threats of political interference, more Americans than ever are turning to IVF to build their families. It is clear that any effort to curtail access to IVF would have one simple outcome, fewer babies, fewer happy parents and grandparents,” said SART President Steven Spandorfer, MD.

In addition to the aggregated national data, interested patients and potential patients can access clinic-specific data for every SART member clinic through the SART website at

SART,  The Society for Assisted Reproductive Technology, is an affiliate of the American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM) with membership consisting of more than 380 clinics throughout the US. Over 95% of ART  cycles in 2021 in the US were performed in SART-member clinics.

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