Legal Information

The Egg Donor Contract

Participating in a donor cycle

Egg donor Letter of Commitment

As we match you with one of our recipients, you will receive an EFC Form/Letter of Commitment from Egg Donation, Inc. to participate in a donor cycle. This document sets forth the Egg donor’s compensation, your confirmed commitment to work with the recipient, the liabilities you may face if you do not fulfill on your choice to proceed in a cycle and your agreement on understanding the process of egg donation.

Before you sign, you should be sure that you are ready to proceed with an egg donation cycle as there are many emotions involved from the recipients and a financial commitment as well.

Once you sign this agreement, the compensation amount is locked and cannot be changed by you or the recipient. This amount will be included in the contract that you will sign with the recipient.

Once you are medically cleared by the recipient’s doctor to proceed with an egg retrieval but prior to starting any medications, you will go through the legal process. You and the recipient will have separate legal representation. The recipients are responsible for all costs for your legal counsel. Your personal case manager at Egg Donation, Inc. who is coordinating the egg donor cycle for you, will assign you an attorney with a background in reproductive law to review the egg donation contract with you.

The egg donation contract will be initially drafted by the recipient’s attorney. Your case manager will let you know who your assigned attorney is and your assigned attorney will contact you to send you a copy of the contract.

After reading the contract, you will have a consultation with your attorney. During your consultation with your attorney, you should express any questions or concerns you may have about the contract and make any requested changes. Your attorney will educate you to make sure you understand what is expected of you and your responsibilities.

When the terms of the contract are finalized, you and the recipient will be required to sign the contract. As the contract is signed by you and the recipient, a legal clearance letter generated by the recipient’s attorney will be finalized and at that time, you may start medications.

You may cancel the contract 5 days prior if you have not started your medications. Once you have started medications, the contract is enforceable and you may only cancel the cycle for medical reasons which are stated by the cycling physician.

Do not start any medications prior to legal clearance The egg donation contract will protect you as you proceed in the cycle for your retrieval and for the future after your donor cycle is complete.

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